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Glass Vision  is one of the country’s principal suppliers of curved glass to the architectural glazing industry. We are thrilled that we are expanding our production capacity to include a state of the art bent tempering oven. We now can offer you curved glass in a wide variety of sizes in several different make ups including TEMPERED, LAMINATED, and ANNEALED and available to manufactured into energy efficient dual sealed insulating units. Glass Vision’s curved glass is the product of choice for all architectural applications such as exterior vision and spandrel areas, skylights, solariums, covered walkways, interior walls and handrails. Our specialty product division offers a variety of glass enhancement services including the application of graphics, abrasive etching and fabric encapsulation.

Tempered Glass is a toughened safety glass. It has undergone a special heat treatment to increase its strength and resistance to impact. In fact it is approximately five times more resistant than normal glass. As an example a piece of 8mm toughened glass will be able to withstand a steel ball weighing 500gr dropped from a height of 2 meters.


Five times more resistant to breakage than normal glass
If the glass does break, there is far less risk of injury from broken pieces
More opportunity for large areas of glazing without substituting your safety, including frameless designs such as doors, showers screens, table tops and so on.


Ideal for use in interiors, acid etched glass can be sited in a wide variety of applications:
All doors (sliding-glass, French, and patio)
Side windows within 24 in. of an opening or door
Stair landing windows within 4 ft. of the floor
Bathroom windows, within 5 ft. of the floor
All windows within 18 in. of the floor
All tub and shower enclosures


Production Range:
Max.  size of Flat Tempered Glass: 2400*4200mm (EXTRA LARGE tempered glass in Accra & West Africa)
Min. size of Flat Tempered Glass: 300*300mm

Max.  size of Bent Tempered Glass: 4mm>19mm: 2400*2000mm (EXTRA LARGE tempered glass in Accra & West Africa)
Min. size of Bent Tempered Glass: 450*450mm

Radius: Thickness 4~6mm  R > 800mm — 8 ~ 19mm   R  > 1200mm
Thickness: 4mm~19mm

In accordance with EN12150 Standard for European marketings
In accordance with BS6206 British Standard
In accordance with ASTM1408 American Standard
In accordance with AS/NZS 208 Standard for Australia and New Zealand country
In accordance with GB 9963-1998 Tempered Glass Standard
In accordance with GB 17981-1999 Chinese Standard Tempered and Heat-Strengthened Glass Used in Curtain Walls
Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC)